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Americans are still confused or don't know where to begin in the world of health and fitness.

We are bombarded every day with messages from the diet industry that losing weight should be easy. There are health clubs

on every block and every time you turn on the t.v. there’s a new infomercial for an exercise machine, a new pill that claims to

speed up your metabolism, or a new diet that claims to make you lose weight if you eat only certain foods. If all of that is true,

why are 50% of American adults still overweight and 25% clinically obese?

The answer is simple: the health and fitness industry is a selfish industry, and it has fed Americans false information to keep

you confused and keep you on the yo-yo diet cycle. Stop listening to the lies, take control and do not let anyone tell you how

your body should be. You need to be the architect of your own plan.

I will help you overcome all the false promises the fitness industry ever made to you

through television, radio, billboards and magazines. We are constantly being

told that we need to lose weight but no one has given us any realistic way to do this. Well we at ABS Club LA have found the secret to this problem. It's called the "Blueprint".  Call us at 1-855-50-NO-FAT



I struggled with weight myself after
an injury left me inactive for almost
two years but it was watching my
father suffer a stroke after battling
with weight all of his life that put me
on a quest – a quest to find the real
and final way to lose weight.
I studied nutrition and fitness, I’m a
certified nutritionist and a professional
trainer. I have spent years in this
industry learning about the body. For
the past five years I have been the
host of a weekly radio show, helping
people lose weight. I have helped
thousands of people lose weight and
now I want