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StretchAbility is dedicated to bringing a Do-It-Yourself  Rehab to the masses!

Our mission is to Help you Live Pain Free Productive Lives!

So how is what we do different from everything else out there? Good question!
We have a Patent Pending System of Exercise that allows you to sequentially and specifically Stretch and Strengthen your muscles in such manner as to restore the balance in your observable posture affecting musculo-skeletal alignment in general. We call this balance Bio-Mechanical Harmony. What a fancy word?-) To define  Bio means pertaining to life, Mechanical means the muscle and joint mechanism that allows us movement and  Harmony means

a state of equilibrium whereby your muscles don't fight each other, rather effortless work together to create the best leverage so you feel strong and capable of desired physical activity.
It is the loss of  Bio-Mechanical Harmony that causes our bodies pains of Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendinitis, Carpal Tunnel, Knee, Back Shoulder, and Neck Pain, Migraine Headaches...and the list goes on! Bio-Mechanical Harmony is lost due to the trauma of a lifetime of sitting, standing, walking, computer work, playing sports... all of which can be termed  Repetitive Movement Pattern related Trauma, otherwise Repetitive Stress Injury. The second reason why we lose Bio-Mechanical Harmony is Impact Injuries: car accidents, falling...etc.



There is a specific way of exercising that will allow you to restore Bio-Mechanical Harmony. Yes this means unwinding yourself from a lifetime of Repetitive Stress Injuries and Impact Injuries.
Stay tunned and you will soon have a video on this page explaining the principles of our System of Exercise that does exactly that. The video will help you not have to read for two hours and will save me a thousand words of typing per demonstration as well. The diagrams will be very helpful.