Working out is not so simple

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Working out is not so simple, otherwise we'd all look great.

The hardest time for me is at night or I should say before bed. Why?

Well thats when its down time for most of us or at least for me. I come home, have dinner turn on the TV, get comfortable. I start going back and forth to the refrigerator snacking.

I start thinking about how that healthy dinner I had ealier all went to waist.

So this goes on for maybe a year and you look at yourself and ask, WHY? HOW? 

I run, I exercise, I pretty active!

This was me 20 years ago. What I did is what I do for my clients now on a daily basis.

The programs we have here at Abs Club La are so easy. Everything you need to do is handed to you step by step.

All you need to do is show up and follow what we say.

We may have a look in our minds as to who we want to look like, but because we are all individuals following their plan we most likely not work for us. We must have our own plan.


I can help you, and together we will get to your goal.