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A Sports massage is designed to assist sportsmen/sportswomen to prepare their bodies to achieve best performance and recover after any minor or even major injury. People in sports and Fitness across Los Angeles have shown a great deal of faith in us to get the help needed to improve their performance. Surging blood flow, relaxing muscle pains and aches along with promoting overall health and fitness are some of the main advantages of our Sport Massage Services.

Our Sports Massage is a perfect blend of neuromuscular techniques with aspects of Swedish and Japanese acupressure to give you treatments that meet your individual goals and requirements.

Our sports massage has three aspects:

1. Event sports massage, which mainly gives emphasis on muscles groups that are related to a particular sport. The massage can be received before, during or after the event.

2. Regular Maintenance Sports Massage is wonderful therapy to prepare for any sport. It not only enhances your performance but also helps you achieve peak performance potential.

3. Orthopaedic Sports Medical Massage helps you get speedy recovery and restores muscle after tendon joint related injuries and other overuse soft tissue injuries. Our professional Los Angeles massage therapists will help you prepare for your important event and other regular treatments. Contact AbsClubLA today to book your sports massage. Get ready for the best experience, we are just a phone call away!