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Tan O Tan The perfect Tan

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Tan O Tan for the perfect Tan.
The new tanning drug of choice are Amino Acids, which increases melanin production in the skin. Melanin is a dark, protective pigment that increases after sun exposure. After 10 days of usingTan O Tan,  users enjoy a warm, golden tan.
Where to get.

Women & Men are getting Tan O Tan at gyms and from beauty professionals. While the press has reported most profusely on Tan O Tan, it's gaining popularity - in Australia, where it's also being developed and/or marketed as an appetite suppressant, a rosacea treatment and a sexual stimulant.
What is Tan O Tan?
  • Tan O Tan is not a drug and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. TOT is a generic peptide not controlled on an international basis by any drug conventions. TOT is distributed legally worldwide within the laws of safe harbor for research of peptides.



Tan O Tan, is intended for in-vitro research use only. In purchasing, the customer acknowledges that TOT is NOT intended to be used as a food additive, drug, vitamin, supplement, cosmetic or any other inappropriate application. Such a sale would be denied otherwise.


The buyer warrants that the product will not be used in any other manner other than for research use and assumes any and all responsibility for misuse. Tan O Tan seeks to avoid improper sales and conform to jurisdictional regulations by not including any claims or educational information regarding TOT. Mentions of published results and studies have been removed to avoid any interpretation that could encourage improper or non-research use. We reserve the right to deny any sale where a buyer has indicated they intend to use our product outside these guidelines.


Beautiful, deep and very natural looking Tan after 1-2 weeks.


Tan O Tan is a photoprotective product that stimulates an increase in natural melanin production. Melanin is the body's natural sunscreen, a brown pigment which causes skin to darken instead of going red when exposed to UV rays. Users of TOT develop a gradual, natural looking tan and enjoy a >75% reduced incidence of sunburn compared to non-users.


Results are noticeable within the first few days.

Until desired colour is reached, TOT should be used everyday, for deeper tan, tanning should occur 3 times per week (sun prefered but tanning bed is also acceptable)

Once a user is happy with their tan, it can be maintained by tanning briefly just 1-2 times per week and only taking the TOT dose on these days instead of everyday.

It is important to note: the more sun you get the darker your skin will go (TOT makes your body produce more melanin so it goes brown in response to UV instead of burning). 

Studies indicate that TOT is capable of inducing darkening of skin colour without UV light or sun light exposure; however, MUCH BETTER RESULTS are achieved when TOT is combined with UV exposure.



The Purchaser agrees to comply with instructions, if any, furnished by Tan O Tan relating to the use of the products and not misuse the products in any manner.